Kennedy Society of Denmark
Purpose: Keeping alive John F. and Robert F. Kennedy’s inspiration
and philosophy of life, so that their good words can be translated into good deeds.

Profiles in Courage Award, 1984

For the year 1984 The Kennedy Society has decided to award John F. Kennedy's book "Profiles in Courage" to His Holiness Pope John Paul II by reason of his courageous work for peace and reconciliation in the world as shown.
1. In his encyclical "Redemptor Hominis" by directing the prayer to "each side" - East and West: "Do not kill! Do not prepare destruction and extermination for men! Think of your brothers and sisters who are suffering hunger and misery! Respect each one's dignity and freedom!" 2. By expressing the same confidence and conviction as Pope John XXIII and Pope Paul VI to the United Nations and for strengthening the United Nations to become a worldwide authority - with law and right to secure peace and human rights for all. 3. By his words from the rostrum of United Nation's General Assembly in 1979: "Everything that is a continuation of those horrible experiences from the concentration camps should disappear for ever from the lives of nations and states, namely the various kinds of torture and oppression, either physical or moral, carried out under any system in any land, and this phenomenon is all the more distressing if it occurs under the pretext of internal "security" or the need to preserve an apparent peace." 4. By having on his trips worked for peace and reconciliation between adversaries, and by having shown a wish for reconciliation with the man who wanted to kill him, by meeting him in prison; and by his will to continue his work for peace and reconciliation in the world.

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